Tug Boat Rozi

Tug Boat Rossgarth which was later named Tug Boat Rozi was built in 1958 in Bristol. Later after making her way to Malta she was sold to Captain Morgan Cruises Malta. In 1992, tugboat Rozi was scuttled off Cirkewwa reef as a tourist attraction for a tourist submarine that operated int he area. Before scuttling, the engines and the propeller were removed in order to ensure safe penetration in the engine room and wheel house.

Today, Tug Boat Rozi sits upright on a sandy bottom at 36m,130 meters west of the lighthouse. Laying close to the reef, it is easy to locate the wreck as well as the anchor that lays on the sand adjacent to the wreck.

The wreck is mostly intact and one can enjoy diving around several doorways and cabins as well as appreciate the external view around the wreck which is arguably its most attractive feature. The view of the bow as well as of the stern of the Tug Boat Rozi is bound to remain imprinted in a persons memory for a long time after their dive.

Over the years, Tug Boat Rozi has flourished as an artificial reef, and is now home to several marine life species including, amberjack, sea bream, scorpionfish, rainbow wrasses, cardinal fish to name a few.

Diver testimonials:
This is what some divers had to say after diving the Tug Boat Rozi:

“Fun and exciting dive; best visibility I have seen to date”

“This wreck is a trademark of diving in Malta and Gozo. Truly and experience not to be missed “

“Deep, Clear and Alive. This wreck has it all!!”


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Additional Info

Dive type: Wreck

Maximum depth: 36m

Experience Level: Experienced Divers


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