Bristol Blenheim Bomber

Located just 15mins boat ride out of Marsaskala bay, the Bristol Blenheim Bomber is a must-do dive when exploring Malta’s many Wreck Sites.
This British Royal Airforce aeroplane sustained damage in WWII during an areal battle in Greece. With one engine badly hit, the pilot flew the aircraft back to Malta in hope of landing it safely.
It did however lose its power 800m off the coast of Xrobb L-Ghagin and was ditched into the sea. The aircraft sustained a lot of damages. All three of the flight crew, however survived and got rescued from the sea by a Maltese fisherman.
The plane can now be appreciated in its underwater resting place in 42m of water. The site location often offers pristine visibility and the sandy bottom provides a perfect backdrop for this wartime treasure.

Both the wings are intact, spanning over 17m. Also intact are the two engines, although the one on port side is missing a propeller. The rear fuselage has been broken clean off and lies close by, in form of the main wreckage.
Around the Blenheim Bomber wreck site a lot of treasures lie in the sand, bombs, a radio as well a  lot of lovely fishes.

Diver testimonials:
This is what some divers had to say after diving the Bristol Blenheim Bomber:

“Absolutely stunning. This amazing aircraft is truly a gem”

“I never expected the wreck to appear when I was only 20m deep. The visibility blew me away and the plane was just surreal “

“I have dove wrecks around the world and have always believed that the bigger, the better. After this dive I have learned to appreciate wrecks in a new way, the Bristol Blenheim Bomber is like a precious diamond”

“My father was a British Royal Airforce pilot and this whole experience was truly a profound experience.”

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bristol Blenheim bomber

Additional Info

Dive type: Wreck

Maximum depth: 40m

Experience Level: Deep Diver Training

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