Boat Dives Malta

After thirteen years of service, the patrol boat was decommissioned and sold to the Malta Tourism Authority to be scuttled as an artificial reef off the island of Comino. In 2009, the P31 sunk to her resting place at 18m on a sandy bottom.
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 20m
  • Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced Levels
  • Access only by boat
The Cave entrance from this unusual dive is found in 7m of water at the top of the reef in the form of a crack that descends to 17m. Once at the base…  
  • Maximum depth: 30m
  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Access only by boat
Both the wings are intact, spanning over 17m. Also intact are the two engines, although the one on port side is missing a propeller. The rear fuselage has been broken clean off and lies close by, in form of the main wreckage.
  • Maximum depth: 40m
  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Access only by boat
On the  30th May 1942 the St. Angelo struck a mine about 3 quarters of a mile off Grand Harbour entrance with the loss of four of her crew. Today HMS St. Angelo is appretiated only on special occasions when its position in the maritime channel of Grand Harbour, makes it possible. The dive is 55m deep.  
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 55m
  • Experience Level: Technical dive
  • Access only by boat
HMS Hellespont was built by Earle Shipbuilding Co. and was launched on 10 May 1910. She was based at Haulbowline Dockyard, Queenstown in Ireland until 1922. She came to Malta in 1922 and…
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 42m
  • Experience Level: Deep Dive
  • Accessible only by boat
The “Eagle” served for many years as a ferry between Malta and Gozo. It was eventually scuttled at Qawra Point. It lies at a depth of 40m. Maximum depth:


A shallow reef dive along coulourful rock formations. This dive can aslo be done as a deeper dive on the outer side of the reef where it may reach 36m.
This Italian torpedo boat hit a mine in WWII whilst mine-laying around Malta. It sank to 40m, surrounded by debris from planes and other war crafts. Maximum depth:


A WWII Mine Sweeper which hit a mine on its way to the Grand Harbor. It now lies in 53m of water. Maximum depth:


French Freighter sunk in WWI. Being 145m long, it lies at a depth that varies between 53m and 70m. This wreck has been nicknamed the “Plate Ship” because of the number of artifacts still on it. Maximum depth:

47 – 63m

British Destroyer hit a mine in WWII. Many attempts to salvage it were futile as it was under severe attack from enemy aircraft. It lies in 63m of water. Maximum depth:


The HMS Stubborn (The Sub) was scuttled for ASDIC sonar-training purposes. It is in a magnificent condition lying upright with a 10 degree list toward starboard side. The three escape hatches open. You can see the torpedo tubes and the propellers are still there.
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 56m
  • Experience Level: Technical Dive

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