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Divers around the world are increasingly appreciative of Diving in Malta. Those who have visited before are keen to leave positive reviews throughout the internet and diving magazines, of their fantastic experiences. Those who have never been, love to watch videos and photos whilst daydreaming of visiting Malta for their upcoming adventure. Divemed is run by a Maltese family; we have been diving around the waters of Malta, Gozo and Comino since the 1969 and have never stopped being amazed and inspired by the beautiful waters and all they have to offer. Our lives have been truly enriched with joy, laughter and the wonderful feeling of connecting with other divers and with nature.
Unaccompanied dives including tanks & weights plus free equipment storage facilities.
Exlploring the clear, warm Maltese waters with an experienced guide guantees safer dives that are more fun and insightful.

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