Shore Dives in Malta

The wreck now sits at 22meters on a sandy bottom, 17 meters off exiles reef. One may take 12 to 20minutes to get to the wreck from shore. Marine life are gradually make tug 2 their home as several species are spotted on site, some of which include, octopus, cardinal fish, and nudibranchs.
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 20m
  • Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced Levels
A very wide swim through cave with two possible exits, one small one, and a larger very scenic exit. Usually very rich in sea life. Maximum depth:


This cave can be entered at the side of the reef at 21m, it will then proceed into a wide chimney-like passage way leading towards the exit at 9m. Maximum depth:


The entry to this is on a sandy bottom at 22m, against the wall of a reef. The inside of the cave proceeds upwards, forming the shape of the inside of a bell. The exit is a wide crack on the side, which leads back to the side of the reef. Maximum depth:


A Shallow dive ranging between 5m and 15m. A cave is to be found at 9m. Some unusual rock formations can be viewed further on at about 14m. Maximum depth:


Just past a drop off to 20m, on a sandy bottom is a cave where a statue of The Madonna stands. This dive is usually continued around the reef and back up to 11m to visit a swim-through on the top of the reef. Maximum depth:


This drop off is situated the left side of Zurrieq Valley, towards Blue Grotto. It leaves teh top of the reef at 9m and descends to 33m. Maximum depth:


The top of this reef is at a mere 9m of water, but due to its location has rich marine growth. The drop off on this reef leads down to 40m. Maximum depth:


This dive follows the edge of the reef. A lot of boulders and beautiful rock formations can be found all throughout. The dive ranges between the depths of 12m to 27m. Maximum depth:


A large reef starting at 14ma and reaching a maximum of 22m where in a little cave lies a Crib easily spotted due to the star sticking out overhead. Maximum depth:


Tug Boat Rozi was built in 1958 in Bristol. Later after making her way to Malta she was sold to Captain Morgan Cruises Malta. In 1992, tugboat Rozi was scuttled off Cirkewwa reef as a tourist attraction for a tourist submarine.  
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 36m
  • Experience Level: Experienced Divers
The wreck is 110 meters long and 16meters breath, and sits upright on a sandy bottom at 35meters. Before sinking the tanker was cleaned and striped of glass and any other hazardous material to ensure diver safety.
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 40m
  • Experience Level: Experienced Divers
Dive type: Wreck Maximum depth: 55m Experience Level: Technical Dive Access from shore – walking distance from dive centre.
HMS Maori lies at 15meters on a sandy bottom and is abundant with marine life. At the bow of the vessel, two winches and bollards remain, evidently one can notice open hatches were guns used to be mounted, the brass base of the guns are still present, however the guns were recused and used from ashore.
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 14m
  • Experience Level: Suitable for Beginners
Formerly named Boltenhagen, the P-29 Patrol Boat was built in Germany in the 1960’s. The vessel was primary purpose was to serve as a minesweeper for fisheries protection and border control in the German fleet. On the 29th of August 1997 the vessel arrived in Malta to become the third war ships that the Armed Forces of Malta attained.
  • Dive type: Wreck
  • Maximum depth: 33m
  • Experience Level: Experienced Diver
The Mini Blue Hole has carved its way by nature’s natural process of erosion, creating a little blue hole and a tunnel leading to the open sea. With a giant-stride jump into a chimney-like hole int he rocks, one decents into a little cave populated with beautiful rock landscaping and the home of lots of shrimps.
  • Dive type: Cavern / Reef
  • Maximum depth: 18m
  • Experience Level: Suitable for beginners

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