Shore Dives

A very wide swim through cave with two possible exits, one small one, and a larger very scenic exit. Usually very rich in sea life. Maximum depth:


This cave can be entered at the side of the reef at 21m, it will then proceed into a wide chimney-like passage way leading towards the exit at 9m. Maximum depth:


The entry to this is on a sandy bottom at 22m, against the wall of a reef. The inside of the cave proceeds upwards, forming the shape of the inside of a bell. The exit is a wide crack on the side, which leads back to the side of the reef. Maximum depth:


A Shallow dive ranging between 5m and 15m. A cave is to be found at 9m. Some unusual rock formations can be viewed further on at about 14m. Maximum depth:


Just past a drop off to 20m, on a sandy bottom is a cave where a statue of The Madonna stands. This dive is usually continued around the reef and back up to 11m to visit a swim-through on the top of the reef. Maximum depth:


This drop off is situated the left side of Zurrieq Valley, towards Blue Grotto. It leaves teh top of the reef at 9m and descends to 33m. Maximum depth:


The top of this reef is at a mere 9m of water, but due to its location has rich marine growth. The drop off on this reef leads down to 40m. Maximum depth:


This dive follows the edge of the reef. A lot of boulders and beautiful rock formations can be found all throughout. The dive ranges between the depths of 12m to 27m. Maximum depth:


A large reef starting at 14ma and reaching a maximum of 22m where in a little cave lies a Crib easily spotted due to the star sticking out overhead. Maximum depth:


Scuttled Tug Boat. 36m deep on a sandy bottom by Cirkewwa harbour. Maximum depth:


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