Diving in Malta

Divers around the world are increasingly appreciative of Diving in Malta. Those who have visited before are keen to leave positive reviews throughout the internet and diving magazines, of their fantastic experiences. Those who have never been, love to watch videos and photos whilst daydreaming of visiting Malta for their upcoming adventure.

Divemed is run by a Maltese family; we have been diving around the waters of Malta, Gozo and Comino since the 1969 and have never stopped being amazed and inspired by the beautiful waters and all they have to offer. Our lives have been truly enriched with joy, laughter and the wonderful feeling of connecting with other divers and with nature.

We have based our business in the south of the island of Malta. The reason being that we find that the relaxed pace of life in this area is key for truly indulging in this lifestyle of diving.

Marsascala is an old fishing village built around a long narrow inlet, Marsaskala Creek. The locals often refer to the village as Wied il-Ghajn, which means the valley of the fresh water spring.

This picturesque bay is truly a sight to see with its traditional maltese boats peppered across the water during the day and the shimmering streetlights reflecting on the surface of the inky black  water at night.

Activities that can be enjoyed during your visit vary from walks on the promenade to exciting jetski or kayak rides as well as a broad variety of bars and restaurants all around the coast.

Amongst these little gems that make up Marsascala we have based out dive centre Divemed. Here we welcome our diving guest from around the world and enjoy sharing time with them, guiding them around the island and sharing our knowledge and appreciation of the underwater world.

shore diving in malta

 Shore Diving in Malta:

The coast around the islands is easily accessible by car making shore diving around Malta and Gozo easy and safe. Shore dives
range in depth from wrecks as shallow as 14m to tec dives up to 60m and more.

click here to see the dives available from shore.

 boat diving in malta

Boat Diving in Malta:

For access to the smaller islands like Comino and Filfla and to dive off-shore wreck sites we use a variety of boats. Most of the deeper wrecks are only a short boat trip out from our dive centre.

click here to see the dives accessible by boat.

Accompanied Dives (all dives include tanks and weights and transport)
1 Dive €35.00
6 Dives €200.00
9 Dives €300.00
Boat (varies due to trip duration and number of dives) €15 – 40
Dive kit rental €10/dive
Night Dive incl Torch €15.00
Gozo Trip €25.00
NITROX 32-36 €5/dive

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