Munxar Reef and Cave

On the southern Coast of Malta Munxar Reef and Cave dive site can be reached after a 10min boat ride from Marsaskala Bay.
The Cave entrance from this unusual dive is found in 7m of water at the top of the reef in the form of a crack that descends to 17m. Once at the base of the crack the opening appears with a backdrop of stunning blue waters.
The rest of the dive consists of a pleasant swim around the wall of the reef where moray eels, groupers, octopus and rays are a common sight.

Experience level necessary before diving Munxar Reef and Cave:
It is recommended that some boat diving experience is present prior to choosing to dive this site. Because the majority of the dive is at the deepest levels, between 25m and 30m, therefore divers are recommended to consider carrying additional air.
We also insist that divers must be qualified to dive to a minimum of 30m.
It is essential to carry a dive light per diver and a DSMB per buddy team in order to safely enjoy this diving experience.

Diver testimonials:
This is what some divers had to say after diving Munxar Reef and Cave:

“A delightful dive with stunning scenery and lots of fish life…”

“Cannot wait to dive this site again; This is a top dive”

“I had never heard of this dive in the 10 years I have been diving in Malta and Gozo! I am so pleasantly surprised”

“Wow this dive reminds me of diving in Gozo, the scenery was the same, and so were the fish… also the barracuda were such a wonderful surprise”

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Additional Info

Dive type:Cave

Maximum depth: 30m

Experience Level: Advanced Level

Experience Level: Advanced Level

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