Try Diving

What is Try Diving all about?
Have you been wondering what it would feel like to breath underwater? We would like to take you on a fantastic underwater experience so you can discover what SCUBA diving is all about. For a Try Diving session you will need no previous experience; we will guide you through all the necissary steps until you can feel the weightless bliss that divers are so excitedly talking about. Feel free to bring your action camera so you can show your friends what a great time you are having.


What do I need to start?
You will need to be 10 years or older and in good health. We will provide you with a list of medical conditions that are relevant for diving which you can check for you own safety. If you would like a list of these conditions to review at home, let us know upon booking and we will email it to you.


How long will it take?
You can dive straight away!
You will get fitted into your equipment, participate in a detailed dive briefing and you’ll enter the water for your scuba adventure. Total duration of the session is 2hrs.


What to do after Try Diving?
If you totally love your Try Diving experience and wish diving to be an important part of your life, this is the opportunity to book your first diving course. Speak to your instructor about what you need to do to book your next training dive.


More information about Try Diving?
Like our Facebook page! It is packed with interesting information and posts about similar experiences and other events! Some divers post pictures and videos of their experiences. Post your Try Diving experience and photos here as well!

Pricing information

€ 35

with the exception of participants under 14 years of age, who will be charged €50

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