HMS St. Angelo

HMS St. Angelo was originally named HMS Egmont. This WWII Minesweeper sank in June 1942. She lies at a maximum depth of 55m directly outside Grand Harbour and was only re-discovered on 23 August 1998.

The HMS St. Angelo served as Harbour Transport for Royal Navy Officers carrying personnel from Fort St Angelo (RN Base) to other destinations. During the war it served other purposes, for rescue, towing and later on as a minesweeper.

On the  30th May 1942 the HMS St. Angelo struck a mine about 3 quarters of a mile off Grand Harbour entrance with the loss of four of her crew.

Today HMS St. Angelo is appretiated only on special occasions when its position in the maritime channel of Grand Harbour, makes it possible. The dive is 55m deep.

This 30m wreck lies clean and upright on a sandy bottom. Still intact after her fatal mine collision, she proudly holds on to several attractive features. Anchors are pulled up on her bow as they were at the time of sinking, davits still stand tall; only the chimney is broken off and lies beside the vessel on the sand.

Diver testimonials:
This is what some divers had to say after diving HMS St. Angelo:

Being my first real deep dive, I was anxious as well as excited. Upon seeing the wreck appear against the sand however, I was immediately blown away. I am totally in love with deep wrecks now! Can’t wait to go back!! ”

I feel honoured to dive the HMS St. Angelo. It is a graceful balance between a wreck that has blended into the environment and become a part of the aquatic realm and a relic, holding on to its original characteristics and charm

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Additional Info

Dive type: Wreck

Maximum depth: 55m

Experience Level: Technical Dive

Access only by boat

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