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Divemed Film Unit


Captain Philips



DIVE COORDINATOR - Underwater rigging and prop setup of a small wooden boat with 3 high-profile talents in a sinking boat environment. IMDB page

American Renegades

DIVE COORDINATOR - Total underwater shoot, the team is responsible for All Crew dive safety, rigging of props and maintenance of multiple large scale underwater sets. Assistance with underwater camera and lighting. Training of the diving cast. IMDB page

Kon Tiki


Devil`s Double


Thugs of Hindostan

DIVE COORDINATOR - Intensively demanding underwater rigging including multi-directional pulley system setup with 2x 200,000 tonnes Ships. Additional rigging of underwater and in-water stunts and assisting the underwater camera team. IMDB page

The Mercy

DIVE COORDINATOR - Basic rigid of Trimaran in studio and rental safety work. IMDB page

War World Z


Moby Dick


Morell - Le Conte de Monte Cristo 2025

Safety Divers.

Not without hope 2024

2nd Unit Director - UW action direction - utility divers - safety divers for cast, crew & stunts. UW camera unit.

Starfish Pickle - 2023

UW action direction - stunt doubles - safety diving and everything in between.

Pirates and slaves 2023

Safety divers.

The last breath 2023

Dive training of cast. Tank support, underwater camera operating, stunt doubles, safety divers and underwater grips.

Shark Bait 2022

Dive Supervisor - Dive training of cast. Tank support, underwater camera operating, stunt doubles, safety divers and underwater grips.

Island of Oblivion 2022

Dive Supervisor - Cast training, safety support and marine unit coordination.

I Helmut 2022

Dive Supervisor - Safety divers and underwater rigging.

Warsailor 2021

Dive Supervisor - Sea shoot including the mooring of boats, in-water fight choreography, rigging, safety support and operating in water camera.

The Holiday 2021

Safety Diver - Personal safety support for young talent.

Liberame 2021

Dive Supervisor - Safety support and rigging for sea shoot and studio shoot.

Das Boot Season 3 2021

Dive Supervisor - Coordinating underwater stunt action and coordinating moves and rigging of large set pieces in the underwater studio.

Jurassic - Dominion 2019

Stunt Performer - Land-based stunts for action sequences.

Isola delle Rose 2019

Dive Coordinator - Safety cover of the entire set as well as rigging of SFX pneumatic explosives and rigging scenery and vessels around the tank.

Das Boot - Season 2 2019

Dive Coordinator - Extensive rigging inside water studio mainly involving the repositioning of a large submarine model. Extensive in water shooting including propulsion and pulley work on the inter-camera operator.

One Breath 2018

Underwater Rigging Coordinator - Setting up underwater scenery including, partial wreck setpiece, entire dinner table setup on location at sea. Setting up of underwater lighting.

The Boat 2017

Diver Coordinator - Safety overage entire set as well as underwater camera assistance, rigging of storm equipment and extensive sail boat movement and underwater cradle for a sailboat.

Styx 2016

Dive Coordinator - Assisting underwater camera team mainly on location at Sea. Rigging large fleet out at sea including anchorage and towing.

Risen 2016

Underwater light setup and general safety work.

Secret Life of Dogs 2016

Safety Diver - Safety diver with 4-legged furry friends.

13 Hours - The secret soldiers of Benghazi 2015

Dive Coordinator -

The Whale 2013

Dive Coordinator -

Manifestet 2012

Dive Coordinator -

Pete The Pirate 2012

Dive Coordinator -

Courier to Paradise 2012

Dive Coordinator -

Die Manner der Emden 2012

Dive Coordinator -

Asterix & Obelix "God Save Brittania" 2011

Dive Coordinator -

Assasignio su Taglia 2011

Dive Coordinator -

Cloud Above the Slope "Sake no ve no kumo" 2009

Dive Coordinator -

Jaws 1916 2008

Safety Dive / Underwater Rigger -

Die Gustloff 2007

Underwater Rigger -

Conte of Monte Cristo 2025

Dive Coordinator - Underwater Action Direction - Utility divers - Safety divers.

Surviving earth documentary 2025

Dive Coordination - UW mapping - Safety Diving.

Last breath 2024

Dive Supervisor - UW action direction - utility divers - safety divers - support divers - cast training - stunt doubles.

The Madame Blanc mysteries 2023

Dive Coordination - stunt doubles - safety divers - utility divers.

For her sins 2023

UW action direction - UW camera team - safety divers for uw camera department and stunts.

Deep Fear 2022

Dive Supervisor - Underwater and surface shooting including underwater stunts, VFX support and underwater grip and electrician.

Napoleon 2022

Dive Supervisor - Safety support for large scale marine unit including stunt sequences.

Das Boot - Season 4 2022

Service Provider - Tank support divers operating underwater studio equipment.

The Last Voyager Of The Demeter 2021

Dive Supervisor - 40+ days of shooting. Safety support, underwater rigging and cast in water safety.

The Dive 2021

Dive Supervisor / 2nd Unit Director - Training of cast and stunt doubles. Organising shooting schedule for underwater shoot, location consultant, directing sea-location unit. sourcing of safety divers, stunt doubles and utility divers.

Foundation 2021

Dive Supervisor - Dressing and maintenance of underwater sets, rigging of boats and safety support for unit and talent. Cast training.

Sharkbait 2020

Dive Supervisor - Topside and underwater shoot - 35 days of shoot including cast training, underwater rigging, vfx support, safety support and prop/setdressing.

Cargo 2019

Dive Coordinator - Safety diver work including in water stunt safety. Underwater rigging to fully capsize a RHIB.

Vanishing Wake 2019

Marine Coordinator - Night shooting on a fishing vessel with a small fleet of 3 vessels.

Bharat 2018

Dive Coordinator - Supporting safety vessels of a fleet of vessels shooting out at sea.

Das Boot - Season 1 2018

Dive Coordinator - Location and Studio rigging of the submarine set-piece. Assisting underwater camera operator.

Murder on the Orient Express 2017

Safety Divers

Chiedetelo al Mare / Ghoses of Portopalo 2016

Dive Coordinator - Safety work and basic tying of larger fishing vessel.

Sea Folk 2015

Dive Coordinator / Talent - On-location and tank work for a story surrounding the life and wok of myself as a talent.

The Promise 2015

Dive Coordinator - Training in underwater sequences with the main cast. Assisting underwater camera and rigging of vessels and setpieces in water studio.

Mega Mindy vs Roxy 2015

Dive Coordinator / Stunt performer - Main underwater stunt performer. Coordinating fleet on location at Sea.

Immediate Boarding 2015

Dive Coordinator - General safety work and in water camera assist.

Fort Ross 2012

Dive Coordinator -

22 Minutes 2012

Dive Coordinator -

Shark week 2012

Dive Coordinator -

Sinbad 2011

Dive Coordinator -

Wickie the Viking 2 2011

Dive Coordinator -

Gemelli 2011

Drive Coordinator -

Tod aus der Tiefe 2008

Underwater Rigger -

Wickie the Viking 2008

Safety Diver / Underwater Rigger -

Munich 2005

Safety Diver -

Divemed Film Unit

TV Shows

The Bachelor 2023

Safety divers.

Sense 8 2016

Short description of the job.

Sea Folk 2015

Short description of the job.

Jr. Eurovision 2014

Short description of the job.

Izolati 2014

Short description of the job.

Dare to be there 2012

Short description of the job.

Q TV show 2012

Short description of the job.

I Shouldn't be Alive "Marooned" 2011

Dive Coordinator -

I Shouldn't be Alive "Adrift" 2011

Dive Coordinator -

Divemed Film Unit


Teems - Me & you (music-video) 2023

Utility divers & riggers - safety divers.

Apple diving watch 2022

Short description of the job.

Anima Estrella Dam 2018

Short description of the job.

Com Hem / The Big Blue 2016

Short description of the job.

Costa Coffe 2013

Short description of the job.

Volvo 2011

Short description of the job.

Herbal Essences 2011

Short description of the job.

Buoygues Telecom 2010

Short description of the job.

Tonno Nostromo 2010

Short description of the job.

Bacardi Island City 2009

Short description of the job.

Land Rover 2008

Short description of the job.

Feh Floss Tissues 2008

Short description of the job.

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