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DiveMed malta

Our Story

Our family has been running this dive centre together for the last 30 years. With the harmonic lifestyle of traditional Malta as our backdrop and the Mediterranean Sea outside our door, we offer a dive base like no other. Our doors our open all year round to welcome divers willing to experience the beauty beneath our seas. When learning to dive you expect care and attention as well as dedicated professionals. We know that and therefore insist on the importance of attentive instruction at all levels of diving.So if you want to ‘lean to dive’ or simply ‘dive,dive,dive’ there is no need to look any further. Take a plunge into the magical depths of Malta with us…


Manuel becomes a Commercial diver and starts travelling the world working off oil platforms doing saturation diving.


Abigail is born. Manuel is working full time helping his family in their printing business. This is the year he becomes a diving Instructor and moves his diving career in a new direction. He has finally discovered his passion for teaching SCUBA and starts making time for working for a local dive centre.


Divemed opens its doors as a Sports Shop with the main focus on fishing, diving and snorkelling. Manuel balances his time between managing the new shop and studying to become a 3-star CMAS Instructor.


A second outlet is opened in order to cater for the Diving Education portion of the business. A quirky location within a heritage site houses our new Dive School.


This is the year of Abigail’s first dive! She is 7 years old. Destiny is taking its course.


The Diving School is gaining momentum and becoming a stronger part of the business. The whole industry in Malta is picking up pace. Manuel qualified Abigail in her fist SCUBA Diving qualifications in BSAC.


Till 2010 Manuel’s Commercial diver experience brings him into the world of Fish farming. As an all-rounder, he is in charge of several aspects of construction including, cage design and layout, recruitment, construction, maintenance and surveying. Once again he is living with his passport handy, travelling often to Scotland, Malta, France, Italy,  Libya, Saudi Arabia, Canary Islands, Martinique- Carrabean, Malaysia, Ghana-Africa, and Tahiti.


Whilst in Malta a series of filming projects are taken on. “The Odyssey” is keeping Manuel busy at sea!


Divemed becomes a PADI Resort!


Manuel is busy on the set of U571. Long hours of work and a tight shooting schedule means help is needed to keep running the shop. This is when Abigail’s career started.


This is a massive milestone for Divemed and our family. We are moving all our forces to one location in Marsaskala. Manuel has taken on this colossal project of refurbishing a building that was part of the water-polo facilities in Zonqor Point. It will take a lot of time and elbow grease but the boss has a vision for his beloved Divemed. He finishes the work in time to open for the summer of this year and we are all very happy with our new centre.


Abigail has started taking on her own subcontracting projects, starting a relationship with a safety train centre that will bear fruits for decades to come.


As the new dive base brings a fresh new method of operating, Manuel crosses over his teaching status to PADI. Divemed receives the much revered PADI 5 Star Diving Centre Status!


Abigail follows suit and becomes a PADI Open Water Diving Instructor following immediately with Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Mikela is 7 years old, we cannot keep her out of the water. Inevitably, she tries diving and as expected she is thirsty of more.


Mikela does her PADI Bubblemaker. Wherever she goes she is sporting her new Bubblemaker beach towel! She is a born diver.


Mikela is feeling very proud, she has received her first official diving cert. She is a PADI Seal Team Member.


Abigail is introduced to the filming industry with a job on the film set of Munich directed by Stephen Speilberg. The magic of life on set has planted seeds that soon will flourish into a full-on passion.


Mikela becomes a PADI Jr. Open Water Diver. Abigail becomes a Tec Diver. Times are interesting.


Filming work has taken on and Divemed is servicing the industry with an array of services. This means a lot of days and nights out at sea or in the Mediterranean Film Studios shooting movies above and below the water.


Mikela has completed her studies and graduated in Criminology. She packs her Uni workbooks and joins the team at Divemed. PADI workbooks come out and this year Mikela becomes a PADI Divemaster. Abigail is granted an ADI Elite instructor Award.


Mikela goes Tec. Ironically Mikela receives her Tec training by the same instructor who did her Bubblemaker 15 years ago. Thank you Chis Heitkemper!


This is an unusual year for business around the world. It will be a time to be remembered. Divemed has its doors closed for an indefinite period. During this time we are rebranding and getting ready to launch a new website with a fresh new look.

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