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Equipment Sales and Aftersales Services

Equipment Sales & Aftersales Services

Our shop is fully stocked! At DIVEMED, you will find a full range of diving equipment in different brands, models, shapes, colours, and sizes. We have special offer deals for our students & full kit purchase, get in touch for a quote. Our major brands are Aqualung, Technisub, Apeks, Beuchat, Dolphin Tech, IST, Sakeodive, Sunnto, Cressi & Tusa. Once a piece of equipment has been bought at DiveMed, any maintenance it may need will be guaranteed as we stock all service kits and spares. We also boast excellent aftersales services, verify this from our online reviews!

Equipment Servicing

Equipment Servicing

We have an in-house servicing department. Supported with many years in the diving industry, our servicing team is skilled and experienced to service, repair, or maintain diving equipment. Our team attends yearly courses to keep their knowledge up to date.

Visual Inspection and Hydrostatic Testing

Visual Inspection & Hydrostatic Testing

According to Local Laws, your SCUBA Cylinders need regular Visual Inspections and Hydrostatic Testing. This ensures that your cylinder is suitable for the amount of pressure it is being exposed to. A hydrostatic test is valid for 5 years if a visual inspection is done yearly.

Air fills, Nitrox and Trimix

Air fills, Nitrox & Trimix

Our brand new compressor is very well maintained. Our dive-base offers air fills, nitrox & trimix blends. If you are a certified Trimix diver we can blend your mix here at reasonable prices
EAN %3lt7lt10lt12lt15lt18lt20lt24lt
28% – 32%566.26.578.51012
33% – 36%567.27.58.5101315
37% – 40%568.28.59.5121520
41% – 50%589.51010151825
51% – 60%51214.51515202230
61% – 70%5121717.517.5252835
71% – 80%518192020303540
81% – O2518242526.5354045

Rental prices

Rental prices

RENTAL Prices 2022
EAN %3lt7lt10lt12lt15lt18lt20lt24lt
28% – 32%€10.00€11.00€12.20€12.50€14.00€16.00€21.00€28.00
33% – 36%€10.00€11.00€13.20€13.50€15.50€17.50€24.00€31.00
37% – 40%€10.00€11.00€14.20€14.50€16.50€19.50€26.00€36.00
41% – 50%€10.00€13.00€15.50€16.00€17.00€22.50€29.00€41.00
51% – 60%€10.00€17.00€20.50€21.00€22.00€27.50€33.00€46.00
61% – 70%€10.00€17.00€23.00€23.50€24.50€32.50€39.00€51.00
71% – 80%€10.00€23.00€25.00€26.00€27.00€37.50€46.00€56.00
81% – O2€10.00€23.00€30.00€31.00€33.50€42.50€51.00€61.00

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