Brief History of Diving Equipment

Mankind has always been keen to explore further; human ingenuity has driven us to overcome environmental adversity and physiological barriers. The intrigue, for venturing the depths has been motivated by our curiosity to explore the vast, deep, blue sea, and all that lies within. Retrieving items from sunken shipwrecks, salvaging remains and oyster diving has […]

Diving With Your Period

Diving during that time of the month?! … As an avid female diver, this is a frequently asked question. Some ladies get concerned & wonder whether diving with their period is recommended. As females, life imposes several limitations; don’t let your period get in the way of anything else. Women surf the crimson tide in […]

Our Recycled Art Project

Committed to our seas. As a dive school out mission is not simply to teach PADI courses and show our guests beautiful dive spot. Our responsibility is to instil in those who dive with us, awakening and appreciation towards the sea.  As we learn to love, we automatically learn to respect. How it came about. […]

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