Our Pledge

We pledge allegiance to the Earth and all the beings alive within it. We recognise our responsibility as ambassador, guardians, and curators of the underwater realms and the coasts surrounding them. We recognise that the planet and its waters are struggling their struggle is our struggle and until the day the planet is healed, we will pledge to fight on the side of the Earth. If the Earth dies we die together. If the Earth heals we heal together.

We pledge to do all that is in our power to assist in this process. In return for the invaluable peace and tranquillity. Diving brings into our hearts. We will make sure to plant seeds of love and compassion towards the Planet and all of its beings. May they find rich soil in the hearts of each person who enters through the doors of our Dive School.

In return for the healing of the body and the Oxygen in the air that the Sea blesses upon us every day. We will shoulder the responsibility of every piece of trash that crosses our path. May this become the current state of being for us as well as for the divers who share our adventures.

For the Joy that the sea brings into our lives as it holds us within it. We will hold the sea in our hearts and our minds when making decisions in our everyday lives and the running of this Dive Centre. It is with pleasure that we make this commitment to the Earth and the Sea. We do this not with a sense of obligation but with deep love as we understand that we are one with our surroundings.

What changes in the Earth will reflect within us. What changes within us will reflect on the Earth.
We invite you to walk/swim / dive beside us toward a deeper relationship with ourselves and the Mother that holds us within Her!

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