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Scuba Diving around the Maltese Islands. The Maltese islands are blessed with mild winters and hot summers. Typical to the Mediterranean, the Maltese Archipelago is showered with long and hot summer days and mild rainy winters.

This forgiving climate makes the Maltese islands dive-able all year round. Due to the size & shape of the islands, diving is possible on most days of the year. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands are definitely windy. Worry not; there is a sheltered dive site for any, wind direction. The most common wind in all seasons is the North Westerly Wind, locally referred to as il-Majjistral. Our favourite wrecks, Tug 10 & Tug St.Michael, are sheltered from these winds.

Recommend dive locations. To all the local divers who can make their way to the shore dives around the islands, here are some recommendations for you. If you haven’t gotten the hang of the wind rose yet, here are some local tips to finding the right dive site… Always be cautious & asses the entry and exit points carefully before you make your way to the water.

NW(Majjistral)- Marsascala, Zurrieq, Delimara,Ghar Lapsi, Slugs Bay. Ta-Cenc, Wied–Ghasri,
N(Tramnuntana)-Zurrieq, Ghar Lapsi, Anchor Lapsi, Cirkewwa; Xatt l-Ahmar, Xlendi-Gozo
NE(Grigal)- Delimara & Zurrieq, Xlendi-Gozo
East(Lvant)- Anchor Bay, Ghar Lapsi, Zurrieq, Dwejra, Xlendi-Gozo
SE(Xlokk)-Anchor Bay, Cirkewwa, ;Dwejra
S(Nofsinhar)-SSW(Norsinhar- Libic) -Cirkewwa,Sliema,Marsascala
SW(Libic)-Sliema, Valleta, Sliema,Qawra, Valletta;
W(Punent )- Sliema, Marsascala, Sliema,Qawra, Valletta;Reqqa;Qbajjar


I cannot stress the point enough, when in doubt ask an experienced local, for recommendations and advice on currents & sea conditions. Better safe than sorry. Please feel free to contact the dive centre for advice on where to dive on +356 21639981.

Sea Temperature and Exposure Suit – If you’re still deciding what exposure suit to bring along for your next diving holiday to Malta, below you can find a table with average sea temperature for each month & recommended suit to bring along. As always, each and every diver has a different, cold-tolerance threshold; but this is my local girl recommendation. However, if you’re coming to Malta for the deep dives, think warm, the thermoclines can be mean.


Month Air Temperature Avg. water Temperature Exposure Suit
January 10-15°C   16°C   Dry Suit /
7mm wetsuit
February 10-15°C   16°C   Dry Suit /
7mm wetsuit
March 11-17°C   16°C   Dry Suit /
7mm wetsuit
April 13-20°C   16°C   Dry Suit /
7mm wetsuit
May 16-24°C   18°C   7mm wetsuit/
5mm wetsuit
June 19-28°C   21°C   5mm wetsuit/
3mm wetsuit
July 21-31-°C   24°C   3mm wetsuit/
August 22-31°C   26°C   3mm wetsuit/
September 20-28°C   25°C   3mm wetsuit/
5mm wetsuit
October 18-25°C   23°C   5mm wetsuit/
vest, gloves, hood
November 14-20°C   21°C   5mm wetsuit/
vest, gloves, hood
December 11-17°C   18°C   Dry Suit/
7mm wetsuit
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