Diving With Your Period

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by Mikela Borg

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Diving during that time of the month?! … As an avid female diver, this is a frequently asked question. Some ladies get concerned & wonder whether diving with their period is recommended. As females, life imposes several limitations; don’t let your period get in the way of anything else.

Women surf the crimson tide in different ways. Diving with your period is possible – please don’t let it stop you. As when swimming with your period, it is necessary to make use of tampons or else a menstrual cup.  The moon cup/ diva cup /organic cup, as it is often referred to, is safe, easy to use, sustainable method. Once getting the hang of how it works, the moon cup is so liberating. As a by-product each month, females produce tones of sanitary waste that go in our landfills, this can be eliminated with the use of a silicone cup. Moreover, if you’re a travelling scuba girl, the moon cup avoids stocking up on tampons or other sanitary products in your luggage.

Keeping Hydrated. When diving during your monthly cycle, be extra cautious to avoid dehydration. Compensate by keeping hydrated and try to stay in the shade to minimize fatigue. It’s important to keep your body healthy and safe under and above the water.

PMS. Most scuba girls find that water pressure decreases the menstrual flow, this also results in reduced cramping, bloating & stomach pain when scuba diving. However, if moderate exercise increases your menstrual symptoms, consider seeking medical advice from your doctor. There is no standard rule, on how you should feel & behave during your cycle, it is really up to you, to decide whether you’re up for a little adventure or not, but remember that a dose of seawater always heals the period blues.

Menstruation & Decompression Sickness Risks.  According to a DAN publication (an international diving research body of knowledge), women who take oral contraceptives better known as the pill and are diving during their period should dive more conservatively, due to fluid retention. While in theory, women are less likely to dissolve nitrogen as efficiently during their period, evidence suggests that increased decompression sickness risks are present when taking oral contraceptives.

Monthly Cycle & Shark Diving. There is no data to support the hypothesis that women are at an increased risk of shark attacks during their monthly cycle. During heavy bleeding a female loses around 80 ml of blood per month, this is considered as a small amount. Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that blood flow is reduced or halted by water pressure, therefore the odds that blood is released in the water is furthermore reduced.


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