Diving Community in Malta

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by Mikela Borg

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Local avid divers, ex-pats & more…  Like all personal relationships in a small island, the diving community is a close-knit and super friendly bunch. Upon joining the ever-increasing community of divers, you will get to meet with like-minded individuals, who share the same passions as yourself. Stay in the circle & keep diving.

Once you get to know the local diving community, you will find a super supportive group of buddies. Whether you’re still deciding if you’re up for the first scuba diving experience or else already, a certified, experienced diver, this community is full of tips & advice on all topics.

Whether chatting in between dives, or while waiting for your tank to be refilled, it is quite easy to make diver friends around. You will find buddies, and familiar faces or local dives sites or on the jetty, or during boat expeditions.

Get Social: there are several groups, pages and hash-tags online for you to discover. Get to know the diving community in your area, share stories, underwater photographs, marine life, advice, and inspiration on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & More. Check our Instagram page; @DIVEMED and make sure to tag us #divemed & #sameplanetdifferentworld. Other Facebook groups you may want to join include: Malta Underwater Diving, Divemed, Girls that Scuba.

Mutual passion – we share the same love & pastime for the silent world of bubbles. It’s so easy to strike a conversation with someone who shares the same awe for the creatures of the sea. Explorers and wonders, adventurers all keen for new adventures…or just love to float, carefree, in the blue.

Nature Protectors – we are the ambassadors of the sea, we see what others lack the opportunity to discover. We understand the problem, & are part of the solution; people protect what they love while inspiring others to do the same. There are several clean-up initiatives held in Malta weekly, either from local dive centres or from NGOs such as Zibel and No Plastic Malta & Raniero Adventures.

Finding buddies – the buddy system is like rule-number-two of diving(after never hold your breath, of course), always stay close to your dive buddy. Apart from the safety aspect, having a keen scuba side-kick is always fun! If you find yourself looking for a dive buddy while in Malta, the most common and recommended practice is to get in touch with a local dive centre, most offer affordable dive packages. Us for one, offer the local diver package, tailor-made for locals or ex-pats living on the island, this package includes 10 dives & is the cheapest one around.

Guided diving gives you the peace-of-mind of a guaranteed safe and fun diving experience. (on your friend list) (start this adventure with a friend). Another option, if you’re living on the island, is to join a dive club who organize regular dives and social activities for certified divers; such as Calypso, Atlam & Amphibians. Likewise, you can find fellow dive buddies on Facebook groups such as Malta Diving, Malta Underwater Society and Divers Around the World. May I advise you to act cautiously when meeting someone on the internet for the first time. Please make sure to adhere to the local laws, and always dive with a buddy who is familiar diving in the area.

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