Our Recycled Art Project

Picture of by Mikela Borg

by Mikela Borg

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Committed to our seas. As a dive school out mission is not simply to teach PADI courses and show our guests beautiful dive spot. Our responsibility is to instil in those who dive with us, awakening and appreciation towards the sea.  As we learn to love, we automatically learn to respect.

How it came about. Local fishing enthusiasts often repurpose everyday items to be used as sinkers. Spark plugs commonly found in most machinery, end up as an alternative to fishing weights. As a result, several of these weights end up stuck around the coastal reefs.

Recycled art is not a new concept… but what is it? Discarded materials and trash that once had another purpose, are brought together in a way to make up something new, fresh and inviting.
As they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. This project took some time to materialize, our bucket of metals found in the sea kept on growing in size and weight.

With some time, creativity and a lot of silicone, we came up with Sparky the seahorse – made solely from reused, recycled materials found underwater. What was once a pile of items that belong in a scrap yard or landfill, have now become a presentation and a conversation starter. We hope that with this piece of regenerated art, we spark a trail of thought to its viewers that….

The sea is our home, and we are duty-bound to love and protect its wellbeing. As people of the sea, we should be the ambassadors of change, the leaders by example and the voice of the creatures that dwell in it. We guarantee that we will be protagonists of this shift in mentality during our dives and while talking with our guests. May Sparky help us in this green evolution.

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