Marine Life & Species of the Mediterranean Sea

Fish Identification Wall Post-dive hype usually involves over-enthusiastic divers, relating their underwater adventures and marine life encounters. Sometimes words fail, and we cannot remember the name of the colourful fish or its local translation. During the winter months, we have been busy creating a very colourful Fish Identification Wall in our Centre, done by our […]

Wreck Diving – Lust For Rust…

Wreck Diving – lust for rust… historical museum underneath the waves. Wreck diving is synonymous with diving in Malta. Due to the island’s strategic, geographic position, throughout history, the island was a stepping stone for other nations, a naval base and an asset. Relics from several rulers, sieges and wars can be found all around […]

Diving Community in Malta

Local avid divers, ex-pats & more…  Like all personal relationships in a small island, the diving community is a close-knit and super friendly bunch. Upon joining the ever-increasing community of divers, you will get to meet with like-minded individuals, who share the same passions as yourself. Stay in the circle & keep diving. Once you […]

Climate & Weather

Scuba Diving around the Maltese Islands. The Maltese islands are blessed with mild winters and hot summers. Typical to the Mediterranean, the Maltese Archipelago is showered with long and hot summer days and mild rainy winters. This forgiving climate makes the Maltese islands dive-able all year round. Due to the size & shape of the […]

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